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With Clobber Swap™, it’s possible to look good and feel fabulous everyday, without it costing the earth.

Camille xx

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Help us grow

Clobber Swap™ has grown way beyond our expectations! We want women of all kinds to look good and feel fabulous everyday, without it costing the earth. And now you can!

To ensure the clothes posted are of great quality and clearly described, we now have Clobber Admin behind the scenes working tirelessly to protect our friendly clobber loving community.

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For less than a £1 a week, our private Facebook group gives you have the chance to WIN prizes in fantastic competitions, Clobber Merchandise, and we may even be able to have Clobber Events very soon.

You could make this money back on the savings you make on fabulous clothes and accessories or from the profit you make. And remember, there’s no commission on anything you sell at Clobber Swap™ – unlike other selling sites, such as eBay, Depop, HEWI.

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